Growing Season

Another wet winter meant soil moisture levels were above field capacity come spring with helicopter spraying required for first few rounds. The Pinot Noir bud-burst the same as 2020 but the two whites were at least a week ahead of last year. Flowering was pretty cold with a lot of southerly influence whereas Jan and Feb were incredibly hot. Chardonnay took an age to go through veraison but the others were similar to last year but then the veraison to harvest timeframe must be the shortest ever.

Harvest & Winemaking

10/5 and Abel benefited from going early with thinning in particular. LBAM levels at harvest given early season population. Fruit quality. Topping worm counts. Biodynamic inputs. Wine tastings. Winery relations with increase of numbers.

  • Jeremy Hyland - Vigneron at The Wrekin Vineyard

    Jeremy Hyland

  • Hätsch Kalberer - Winemaker at The Wrekin Vineyard

    Hätsch Kalberer

  • Harvest crew

    • Alizee
    • Andrew Johns
    • Aroha
    • Barry
    • Carl
    • Jan Johns
    • Jeremy Hyland
    • Jess
    • Nico
    • Margaux Demalle
    • Marine
    • Vivienne
    • Richard